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The Transmission Shop, Transmissions - Automobile, Garland, TX
Tranmission Shop Lewisville Take Pride in Their Work

The transmission shop and the dentist - what do these two things have in common?  People avoid both as long as possible, yet run to them in the case of emergency!  The Transmission Shop Lewisville, just like a good dentist, is aware that a ‘thorough inspection’ is of the utmost importance, not only to diagnose the cause of the problem, but also as a preventive measure to avoid any future ‘emergency’ situations.

Family owned and operated, The Transmission Shop takes great pride in the dedication and care that the fully licensed and experienced staff operates with, in their commitment to excelling in performance, professionalism and quality workmanship.  Each mechanic keeps a log of every part ordered and every procedure done on a transmission, thereby making each one accountable and responsible for their work.  They do this in full confidence, knowing that they are doing a work that they would gladly put their signature to.

The staff is certified by both ASE and ATSG.  So, what does that mean?  ASE means Automotive Service Excellence, (Blue Seal of Excellence) which is a certificate earned by technicians who have proven to perform at the high standards this certificate demands, and that measures their knowledge and skills with the latest technology, along with extensive training in theory, quality repair procedures and diagnosis.  ATSG stands for Automotive Transmission Service Group and is the largest, employee-owned, technical support service for the Automotive Transmission Service.  One important aspect of ATSG is their technical hotline, which keeps on top of all the latest information in the automatic transmission world, both domestic and imported.  When you see a transmission shop with these certificates, you can be assured of professionalism, competence, quality and satisfaction.

There are usually symptoms that a driver becomes aware of when their transmission is having problems.  With a manual transmission, a gear noise or trouble shifting could be indicative of low fluid, which must be addressed in order to prevent serious damage to the tranny or an overhaul.  A grinding noise or slippage between the gears on a manual transmission could also be that the syncho meshes have worn out.  The synchromesh transmission is a ‘constant-mesh’ that synchronizes the speeds of mating parts before the gears are engaged, in order to prevent their clashing.

On an automatic transmission, the excessive noise of gears may indicate low or contaminated fluid.  If the fluid is burnt, it will smell burnt on the dipstick.  If an automatic transmission is slipping, the gears may be worn or they may just need an adjustment.

These are the more common observances of people when there is a transmission problem.  However, just as a person may call the dentist when a tooth just doesn’t ‘feel right’; the words of wisdom you will hear are, ‘Come in.’  Rather than offering speculation, an accurate diagnosis only comes when a thorough inspection takes place, which troubleshoots the problem.  For testimonials about quality service at The Transmission Shop Lewisville, please visit the website: Make a wise choice!

Transmission Repair Garland: What You Should Know

Along with the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads today is an equal number of vehicle repair shops. There is a lot that goes into driving a vehicle. One needs to ensure that the vehicle is properly insurance according to the laws of the state where it is driven, one needs to ensure that regular maintenance is done on the vehicle so that it stays in good running order, and one will also need to take into consideration that sometimes vehicles have unexpected breakdowns. It is a good idea to work with a good mechanic or car shop on a regular basis. 

One of the most expensive and troublesome car repairs to have to deal with is transmission failure. The transmission is a very important component of the vehicle; unfortunately, it is usually one of the most expensive parts to repair or have replaced. Not all car shops have mechanics that are experienced in handling transmission problems; should the transmission in the vehicle be giving problems it is important to deal with this right away. The longer one waits, the more likely it is that the problems will get worse.

Those looking for a good transmission repair Garland shop may want to check out The Transmission Shop. It is located at 1403 Forest Lane, Garland, TX. The shop is a family run business that hired only ASE certified mechanics. This particular car repair shop, unlike most other car repair shops, specializes almost solely in handling transmission problems, although the shop also provides towing services, diagnostic tests, clutch and axle repair and general servicing for all types of vehicles.

The Transmission Shop has been around for more than two decades and has a lot of experience in working with vehicles that need transmission repair. The shop also provides a number of coupons on the site to make it easier for a person to make needed repairs for his or her vehicle.  A person who finds him or herself stranded due to unexpected car problems can call The Transmission Shop and have the vehicle towed free of charge to the nearest Transmission Shop location (there are shops in not only Garland, but also in Plano and Lewisville).

Those running The Transmission Shop understand that sometimes unexpected major repairs are needed for the vehicle, and that most car owners do not have large quantities of extra money lying around. The Transmission Shop offers financing to make it easier for a car owner to pay unexpected repair bills. The Transmission shop is a reputable car repair company that is well known in the area for doing good work at a reasonable price.

Whether the car needs a simple diagnostic test or a brand new transmission, one should contact The Transmission Shop and see how much the repairs in question will cost. The shop only hires qualified mechanics, ensuring that the person working on the car knows what he is doing and will do good work. The company makes it easy for one to pay for repairs by offering financing, and it is well known throughout the area for being an honest, competent car repair company.

Transmission Service Plano

When you need your transmission serviced, there are trusted expert businesses at transmission service plano to repair your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly. It is important to make sure you are getting a complete, accurate inspection of the transmission before removal and repair or replacement. The Transmission Shop services all transmission types at various locations. We also offer transmission fluid and filter replacement.

We offer tips to help you maintain your transmission and keep it in the best condition possible. Have your transmission inspected regularly and checked at a professional transmission shop as soon as possible if you suspect a problem. Change the transmission fluid on a regular basis, and more often under high stress driving. The engine should be properly serviced and tuned. Be sure to use the parking break, and allow the car to warm up a few minutes before driving. The Transmission Shop is here for your needs, just call.

These transmission experts have over twenty-five years of experience in a family owned business. There is most likely a convenient location near where you live. They not only diagnose and repair transmissions, the shops perform several other qualified services on vehicles. For example, their ASE certified mechanics offer repair and replacement of the clutch, transfer case and a selection of other vehicle alterations and replacements. These repairs are not limited to cars, but also include four wheel drives and recreational vehicles.

Using specialized diagnostic equipment, the cause of the problem will be determined at no cost to you. You are only charged when actual work is performed on the vehicle. Repair costs vary widely, but there is one thing that cannot be skimped on when it comes to your transmission. A telephone call for an estimate may seem convenient, but there isn't anyone that can accurately answer your questions on the phone. The problem must be diagnosed at the transmission shop and investigated to find the exact concern, however small or large it may be. Ignoring repairs to your car will cost much more in the long run. It is best to have it analyzed as soon as you notice a malfunction. You will be advised of the necessary repair and the expense. These professional consultants take pride in their work, and want to do the job right the first time. That is why you will receive a warranty on the improvements made to your vehicle. Our technicians are educated in all of the components in all transmissions. We are there to make sure you don't have to pay for unnecessary repairs.

The technicians at The Transmission Service specialize in all transmissions, foreign or domestic, clutch or automatic, repair and replacement to transmissions. All vehicles brought in to us are first thoroughly inspected before the diagnosis and estimate. Our crew can be trusted to do flawless repairs and advise you of future care to your car. We offer free towing, as well as a free road test and diagnosis by our skilled mechanics.

Have Your Transmission Repaired at a Shop You Can Trust!

Do you own a car? Why of course you do!  Sometimes, we love our cars as though they were our own children, and as with children, your car can get sick. Sooner or later, your car is going to have a transmission problem, but there is a transmission repair shop in Lewisville, Texas where you can take your vehicle for expert repairs on your baby’s transmission.

The Transmission Shop, a highly recommended transmission repair Lewisville, Texas transmission shop is where you want to go. They will take care of any pesky transmission problems your car may have. The Transmission Shop is where you can go to have simple services performed to major transmission problems diagnosed and repaired.

When you first arrive at The Transmission Shop in Lewisville, you may find the shop is extremely busy, but this is a good sign because a busy shop is actually somewhere you want to take your vehicle to so that its particular service needs can be attended to properly. It shows that these customers have trust in this repair shop, and trust is something that cannot be bought but rather earned through excellent service, attention to the customer’s needs and of course word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.

Some of the services offered by The Transmission Shop include the follow

1. Transmission Fluids Checked- Have all of your transmission fluids checked and topped off as needed by the transmission pros at The Transmission Shop

2. Have Your Transmission Fluid Replaced-If it’s time to have your transmission fluid replaced, then have the people who you trust to take care of your car’s transmission service do what they do best. They will replace your old fluid and also replace your transmission filter with a new one.

3. Transmission Clutch Replacement- The guys at the Transmission Shop will replace your clutch throw out bearing and the pressure plate, and they will also resurface your flywheel for you with this service.

4. Free diagnostics and free road testing of your vehicle before and after a repair.

The Transmission Shop also offers services such as a total Transmission Inspection, differential service, and a transfer case repair service. The Transmission Shop also wants to make your life easier, so they have a website where you are able to go and actually schedule an appointment right there online, so that you are able to bring your vehicle in for service at a time that is convenient for you.

They work on foreign and domestic vehicles that will treat your baby with kid gloves whether your car happens to be a Mercedes Benz, or even an older model car like a Chevy Nova. Hey, these guys even work on RV’s!

The Transmission Shop also has a blog on their web site, which has information that you may just find of interest. The Transmission Shop is a family owned business, and they are a certified ASE shop and their mechanics are also certified by ASE so you know they are capable to handle all of your transmission repair needs. The Transmission Shop has three different locations in order to better service their customers, and they include Plano, Garland and of course Lewisville, Texas.

Garland Transmission Service Techs

Finding a good mechanic is very difficult. To begin with the potential customer must wade through hundreds of ads proclaiming specific talents and time frames they can meet without even seeing the car first. This can be discouraging. Then the rumors of friends and family that may have had a bad experience will also keep shadows of doubt over the mind of someone who needs work done on their car. Fortunately there are several very reputable transmission services in Garland Texas that will bring up your faith in mechanics.

The transmission is the most important part of the car second only to the engine itself. This part takes the engine power and turns the wheels so the car will move. If this part of the drive train does not work properly there is not very much that can be done to put off taking it in to a shop. Most automobile service companies offer free diagnostics when you have them do the work on it. Others just take the price of the diagnosis from the repair rate after the work is done.

Usually not too many things can go wrong with the transmission. There can be debris in the fluid making it grind a bit. It is rare to feel this while driving but if it is really bad you will know it. The belts can stretch out over time causing them to slip as the car shifts gears. This is a very bad sign. It is normal for only one or two gears to slip unless the owner allows the slippage to go on for many months. Also, if tires that are too wide for the tranny are installed on the truck, the increased torque will burn up the inner workings of the whole drive train and you will be lucky if all you have to do is replace it.

Service technicians that work in this area of mechanics are well trained and certified to work on the tranny. They can quickly diagnose the problem by just driving it around the block once or twice. For these talented men they know how certain issues feel when driving the vehicle and usually will be able to give an estimate of what is wrong before they ever look inside the housing.

Once a diagnosis is made an estimate of parts and labor pricing will be assessed. Depending on how invasive their check was this number may vary a bit. The service tech will recommend the exact procedure to put you back on the road as quickly as possible. They can either replace the tranny with a used one that they find or you find. They can order from the dealership if this is what the customer wants. They can rebuild and most shops have everything they need on hand and in stock unless the automobile you own is a classic or some fancy imported one. The shop will give you an idea of when it will be ready for pick up and you can be on your way. Once you pick up the car or truck you will immediately notice the difference and will finally be able to lay your doubts to rest while breathing easier over the car you love running smoothly once again.

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