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The Transmission Shop, Transmissions - Automobile, Garland, TX
Dallas Transmission Repair, Why Choose the Transmission Shop?

The transmission shop and the dentist - what do these two things have in common?  People avoid both as long as possible, yet run to them in the case of emergency!  The Transmission Shop Lewisville, just like a good dentist, is aware that a 'thorough inspection' is of the utmost importance, not only to diagnose the cause of the problem, but also as a preventive measure to avoid any future 'emergency' situations. 

Family owned and operated, The Transmission Shop takes great pride in the dedication and care that the fully licensed and experienced staff operates with, in their commitment to excelling in performance, professionalism and quality workmanship.  Each mechanic keeps a log of every part ordered and every procedure done on a transmission, thereby making each one accountable and responsible for their work.  They do this in full confidence, knowing that they are doing a work that they would gladly put their signature to.  

The staff is certified by both ASE and ATSG.  So, what does that mean?  ASE means Automotive Service Excellence, (Blue Seal of Excellence) which is a certificate earned by technicians who have proven to perform at the high standards this certificate demands, and that measures their knowledge and skills with the latest technology, along with extensive training in theory, quality repair procedures and diagnosis.  ATSG stands for Automotive Transmission Service Group and is the largest, employee-owned, technical support service for the Automotive Transmission Service.  One important aspect of ATSG is their technical hotline, which keeps on top of all the latest information in the automatic transmission world, both domestic and imported.  When you see a transmission shop with these certificates, you can be assured of professionalism, competence, quality and satisfaction.

There are usually symptoms that a driver becomes aware of when their transmission is having problems.  With a manual transmission, a gear noise or trouble shifting could be indicative of low fluid, which must be addressed in order to prevent serious damage to the tranny or an overhaul.  A grinding noise or slippage between the gears on a manual transmission could also be that the syncho meshes have worn out.  The synchromesh transmission is a 'constant-mesh' that synchronizes the speeds of mating parts before the gears are engaged, in order to prevent their clashing.

On an automatic transmission, the excessive noise of gears may indicate low or contaminated fluid.  If the fluid is burnt, it will smell burnt on the dipstick.  If an automatic transmission is slipping, the gears may be worn or they may just need an adjustment.

These are the more common observances of people when there is a transmission problem.  However, just as a person may call the dentist when a tooth just doesn't 'feel right'; the words of wisdom you will hear are, 'Come in.'  Rather than offering speculation, an accurate diagnosis only comes when a thorough inspection takes place, which troubleshoots the problem.  For testimonials about quality service at The Transmission Shop Lewisville, please visit the website:  Make a wise choice! 

Choosing a transmission service in Lewisville, Texas
Choosing a transmission service to care for your car can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to an area and do not have experience with the local mechanics and their service offerings. Although the level of care provided by transmission services ought to be equal to protect those with little knowledge of cars and how they work, the truth is that they are not, and there are several things that need to be taken into consideration before selecting a transmission service in Lewisville.

In general, there are a few things that you need to look for when selecting a transmission service anywhere - not just in Lewisville. First of all, note how many cars are parked in each company's parking lot. If you spot a busy transmission service, this is a good sign, as it means that the locals are impressed with the level of service provided and keep going back to the store to get their car cared for time after time. Secondly, what type of cars are in the parking lot? Abandoned cars are not a good sign, as this could be due to a large number of car owners bringing in their vehicles for servicing and never driving them out again due to exorbitant final bills or poor mechanical work. If most of the cars are old, check with the store mechanics to see if they are qualified to work on a newer car, if you have one, as many are not. Spotting government vehicles in a transmission service parking lot can be a good or a bad thing - good in that it shows the shop does not charge too much (as government vehicles often get serviced by the lowest bidder), but bad in that a low-charging transmission service might not do as much work on a car as they should as they are not being paid as much to do so - they just want the cars out of their store with the money in hand.

One transmission service that several others recommend in Lewisville is The Transmission Shop, who style themselves as, "The Transmission Experts". Testimonials on their web site applaud the Experts' clean working environment, good results following servicing as well as honesty in quoting - that is, the bill presented to you after all the servicing has been done is nearly exactly the same as the quote, with no hidden surprises. One key positive for several customers was the turnaround time for several service jobs - many customers recalled dropping their vehicles off at the Experts' store one day and picking it up the next. Although the testimonials did not mention servicing work being completed on Sundays, one thanked the company for being open on a Sunday to accept telephone calls, meaning that transmission help is never far away.

Ultimately, going with The Transmission Experts is a great idea if you are looking for a transmission service in Lewisville. If you are looking for professionalism and responsiveness, visit The Transmission Experts today!
What You Should Know About Transmission Repair Lewisville
Most car owners perceive having to do transmission repair on their automobiles as one of the most difficult and costly experiences they have to endure. If you know very little about automotive repair, there is always the fear of choosing the wrong automotive repair shop, not receiving quality service and being stuck with an exorbitant bill to boot.  Such is not the case with transmission repair Lewisville, TX.  For those living in the Dallas-Lewisville area, knowing there are reputable transmission repair services in their local area that offers quality servicing, informative diagnostics and affordable prices can eliminate any fear and stress involved with their car repair needs.

There are distinct features you can look for when choosing a car repair shop to service your vehicle, features  which distinguish them as reliable, reputable businesses.  Some of these include the amount of time a shop has been in business in the area, the experience of their service personnel, the interaction between customers and repair technicians, customer satisfaction and referral rates as well as reasonable prices.  Transmission repair services such as The Transmission Shop in the Dallas area ranks amongst the top category in many of these areas.  This family run company specializes in the repair of transmissions, having accumulated approximately 25 years worth of experience in the same, and they offer their customers expert advice and services by certified mechanics.  

Some benefits of choosing The Transmission Shop for your automotive repairs includes receiving free diagnostics, free road testing, experience in both automatic and standard transmissions, experience in electronic repairs, free towing when necessary, special financing and warranty for services performed on your vehicle.  Knowing you are receiving the proper diagnosis on your vehicle will give you peace of mind and engender trust in the auto repair shop you choose, thus creating a work relationship that may continue for years to come.  That is why it is so important to work with individuals who take the time to answer your questions, explain problems plainly and help give you a good understanding of exactly the repairs your vehicle needs as well as give accurate estimates of the repair cost.  

Honesty and openness are qualities very much respected in automotive repair business to be able to establish a good working relationship with their customers.  The Transmission Shop as part of the transmission repair Lewisville community strives to cultivate this kind of relationship as they know the value of mutual trust between customers and mechanics. They endeavour to build their clientele by providing the type of services that produce happy, satisfied customers who can wholehearted endorse their work to others.  

From cost of repair to expert services, transmission repair Lewisville strives to keep their customers' interest and welfare in mind in the repair services given.  They understand the financial burden people have to face when it comes to large car repairs and offer financing methods that will fit their customers' budget. In ways both big and small, you will appreciate the services offered by an automotive repair shop who cares to do their best to meet its  customers' needs.
Hope for your Vehicle's transmission, transmission repair dallas

The transmission of your vehicle allows the power from its engine to turn the wheels to get you to where you need to go.  If that transmission is worn, slipping or simply not working correctly, transmission repair Dallas can get your vehicle moving once again.

While there are still many vehicles that depend on a manual transmission, by far the most popular transmission sold in vehicles today is the automatic.  Automatic transmissions are complex pieces of machinery that include pumps, valves, fluids and filters to move your car from point A to point B.  If your vehicle is not moving or you can feel the transmission slipping, any number of items could be causing the problem.  On thing is for sure, it is not going to get better on its own.  At the first sign of a problem, the best thing to do is take the vehicle to one of The Transmission Shops locations.  Early service can keep a minor problem from becoming a major one.  More importantly, early service can prevent you from being stranded in the middle of traffic on North Central or some other freeway with a vehicle that will not move.

If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, clutches and throw out bearings are some of the more common problems to arise.  With manual transmissions, the rule of thumb is to replace both the clutch and throw out bearing when one or the other goes out.  This can save the expense of pulling the transmission a second time for the second replacement.  Signs that your manual transmission may need service include: slipping transmission at take off or when rapidly accelerating and difficulty in taking the transmission into or out of a gear.  Other repairs to the manual transmission may include turning of the flywheel if it has become excessively worn.

No matter what type of transmission is in your vehicle, one of the best things that you can do to prevent problems is to be sure that the transmission is serviced regularly.  The owners manual of your vehicle should suggest a service schedule.  By ensuring that fluids are at the correct level, you can help to keep your transmission alive for much longer.  The fluid not only helps to transfer power, it is an integral part of keeping the transmission cool.  Overheating is one of the biggest enemies of an automatic transmission and operating your vehicle on a hot Texas day when the fluid level is low can cause overheating and damage to the tranny.  Follow the directions in your vehicle owners manual to check the transmission fluid levels.  If necessary add more to bring the fluid level to the full mark on the dipstick.

Whether it is simply time for a transmission check up according to the maintenance schedule or you are having difficulty with the transmission of your vehicle, transmission repair Dallas can help.  They can provide the preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle's transmission operating as it should.  If the vehicle is in need of repair, they have the expertise to repair or replace your vehicle's transmission.
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