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The Transmission Shop, Transmissions - Automobile, Garland, TX
Transmission Services in Dallas Texas

The most intricate part of all automobiles is the transmission. This makes it impossible for the average person to go into the garage and fix things that go wrong with it. It requires a lot of skill and formal education to fix one of them let alone properly diagnose the problem it may be having. Transmissions are very invasive and when they go out or stop working right it usually means the car will stay home.

That is why there are so many mechanics that go into a specialty field such as transmission mechanics. They learn how to tell by the sound of the car what the tranny is doing, if the gears are slipping, if the fluid is dirty and often they can tell if it is not the transmission making the noise too.

Some of the parts and components that can be checked by just climbing under the car are the seals, front and back, the fluid pan gasket, the electronic solenoid connection and the sensors when they are placed outside the tranny and more. They also check other parts that connect directly to the tranny itself. Those parts are the u joints, the drive train, differential, cooling system since many cars and trucks are built with a cooling system that connects to the tranny, and even the axles. If there is damage to these parts the tech will make a note of it and let the customer know before any work is performed.

When there is definitely something wrong that is not visible from under the vehicle the tech may need to drain it, clean up the parts and check them for wear. When the fluid is not monitored it can collect small bits of dirt, debris and even metal shavings which will be run through the gears and cause them to be cut. Sometimes these shavings can catch in the gears and chip the metal parts making them grip each band looser. This causes the gears to slip.

The friendly transmission technicians will be happy to explain in clear English what exactly is happening, what the options are to fixing it and what parts are available that are less expensive. They also have good working relationships with junk dealers and used auto part stores so that if there are parts out there for a discounted price, they offer this to you. Some folks prefer to use only new parts. This is certainly the prerogative of the customer and since customer service always comes first the customer always gets what they want.

There are plenty of ways to prevent major catastrophes from happening with your car or truck. Your transmission service Dallas will be more than happy to help you work out scheduled maintenance that works both with your budget and your schedule. Their friendly staff can take payments in several convenient ways too. Most offices accept credit cards, debit cards, and of course cash. Also, their staff keeps efficient records so that once they know your name they will consider you family and you can be assured that your car will be treated as one of their own.