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Garland Transmission Service Techs

Finding a good mechanic is very difficult. To begin with the potential customer must wade through hundreds of ads proclaiming specific talents and time frames they can meet without even seeing the car first. This can be discouraging. Then the rumors of friends and family that may have had a bad experience will also keep shadows of doubt over the mind of someone who needs work done on their car. Fortunately there are several very reputable transmission services in Garland Texas that will bring up your faith in mechanics.

The transmission is the most important part of the car second only to the engine itself. This part takes the engine power and turns the wheels so the car will move. If this part of the drive train does not work properly there is not very much that can be done to put off taking it in to a shop. Most automobile service companies offer free diagnostics when you have them do the work on it. Others just take the price of the diagnosis from the repair rate after the work is done.

Usually not too many things can go wrong with the transmission. There can be debris in the fluid making it grind a bit. It is rare to feel this while driving but if it is really bad you will know it. The belts can stretch out over time causing them to slip as the car shifts gears. This is a very bad sign. It is normal for only one or two gears to slip unless the owner allows the slippage to go on for many months. Also, if tires that are too wide for the tranny are installed on the truck, the increased torque will burn up the inner workings of the whole drive train and you will be lucky if all you have to do is replace it.

Service technicians that work in this area of mechanics are well trained and certified to work on the tranny. They can quickly diagnose the problem by just driving it around the block once or twice. For these talented men they know how certain issues feel when driving the vehicle and usually will be able to give an estimate of what is wrong before they ever look inside the housing.

Once a diagnosis is made an estimate of parts and labor pricing will be assessed. Depending on how invasive their check was this number may vary a bit. The service tech will recommend the exact procedure to put you back on the road as quickly as possible. They can either replace the tranny with a used one that they find or you find. They can order from the dealership if this is what the customer wants. They can rebuild and most shops have everything they need on hand and in stock unless the automobile you own is a classic or some fancy imported one. The shop will give you an idea of when it will be ready for pick up and you can be on your way. Once you pick up the car or truck you will immediately notice the difference and will finally be able to lay your doubts to rest while breathing easier over the car you love running smoothly once again.