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Good Transmission Service Techs and Shops in Lewisville Tx

One of the most important parts of the car you drive is the transmission. When it is working right not too many people think about it at all. Once something starts to act funny it is no laughing matter. This is because there are very few average citizens that are able to tinker with a transmission and fix it at home. There are thousands of parts inside the body that could confuse even the most savvy mechanic if he has no formal training with them.

There are ways to make defer unexpected problems with the transmission of your automobile. Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule is the best way. Checking the fluid for proper fill and to make sure it is clear should be done on a semi regular basis. This is especially important if the car has gone lots of miles or when most of the driving is done in a city where the traffic is stop and go. The transmission will also show wear sooner when doing a lot of climbing on mountain roads. When working the engine and drive train harder causes friction to shave off tiny pieces of metal that can cause damage to the belts and the gears.

At least every hundred thousand miles the transmissions should be flushed. If driving a four wheel drive truck the differential should also be checked for proper fluid level and cleanliness. This process can be done at most lube and oil shops. It takes about an hour and will give a longer life to the whole drive train. They can also check the filter in it while the flush is being done. The filter should be changed regularly to make sure that any debris that has settled into the pan does not get recirculated around the device. The right transmission service tech can tell you the best way to proceed once they have looked at the fluids.

When the vehicle has traveled over a hundred thousand miles and is getting tired it is a good idea to take it in for a complete tranny overhaul. This is great because the belts will be replaced, the gears will all be tightened and the fluid will be changed. Also, if there are any leaks the seals will be replaced too and if there is a problem that has not surfaced yet, the transmission service Lewisville will find them before the automobile strands you on the side of a road somewhere.

When there have been more than enough miles on the automobile the transmission may need to be replaced. There are many places that carry used ones that will be way below cost of a rebuilt one or a new one. Plus, when ordering an entire tranny it usually has to be done through the car manufacturer. Often their service technicians are also able to put it in as soon as it comes in. This takes a lot of time and is very expensive. The places to find a used one are plentiful. Junk yards, in the newspaper, by folks who are parting out their own vehicle and even on web sites such as craigslist. There are a lot of places to go to get this major part of the car fixed and when you do, the difference that will be seen and felt in the car will make each customer very happy indeed.