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One of the most problematic transmissions on the road today is AW55-50SN Transmission. This transmission can be fitted to different vehicles from different manufactures including General Motors, Volvo, Saturn, Nissan, Saab, Opel and Renault. These are not interchangeable as they have different operational differences.

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Transmission Repair

Transmission RepairThis service consists of the inspection, removal, and repair of your transmission. “3 years or 36,000 miles warranty on automatics.”

We specialize in ALL Transmission repair.

Driveshaft Repair

driveshaft repairRepair and install universal joints and the driveshaft. The Transmission Shop also can work with a custom driveshaft.

Differential Service

differential repairInspection, removal, and repair of damaged gears and replace the fluid.

Transfer Case Repair

transfer case repairInspection, removal, and repair of gears, bearings, gaskets, and seals in the transfer case.

Clutch Replacement

clutchWe replace the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing & resurface the flywheel.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

Transmission FluidReplacement of the filter and transmission fluids.

The most expensive transmission to repair will be the one you don't need.

Today's technology allows us to shop without ever leaving the comfort of your home; however that may not always be the best solution when it concerns your vehicles transmission.

Automatic transmissions are a very complex component that not only requires technician expertise but specialized diagnostic equipment and tools to properly diagnose and repair your transmission problem.

Most of our later model transmissions are computer or electronically controlled, meaning that your transmission may be working properly, but MAY feel as if it has a problem caused by some other component.

Every day we receive calls about getting an "estimate" because they were told by their general mechanic they needed a transmission. Shopping around on the telephone or web sites is not only unwise, you will likely hear a Quote that seems like a good deal to you and you think you got the best in town. NOT TRUE. Your vehicle may only require a simple minor repair, like fuse, a relay, linkage or cable, axle or sometimes a loose electrical connection or ground may be the problem, in addition your transmission may have external sensors and solenoids that may be the cause of the problem.

Our external check by our certified technicians will identify whether you have an external minor repair or an internal repair and it cost nothing to check but a few moments of your time for us to complete the diagnostic. Ignoring the signs of a possible transmission problem may in fact cost you more down the road. Some of the basic signs to look for may be seeing fluid on the ground where you were last parked, slipping, or if you see your RPMs on your engine higher than normal, the shifting from one gear to the next is taking longer or harder or no longer there, strange noise or vibrations, the color of your transmission fluid is now brown or darker or the fluid has a Burnt smell, these can all be signs of a transmission problem.

  A check engine or service engine light on is also an indicator to have your vehicle checked. This light will come on as a warning to have your vehicle checked. The light will come to indicate engine, emission or transmission malfunction. Having your vehicle checked and serviced at recommend intervals will prolong the life of your transmission.

The most common failure of transmission comes from excessive heat buildup. This may occur from your transmission fluid breaking down and not changing as recommended, other factors are towing, driving in heavy stop and go in traffic, engine overheat due to cooling system malfunction, getting stuck in mud or a ditch and having to "rock" your vehicle to get out. Having an external transmission cooler installed will not only help your transmission run cooler, but prolong the life expectancy of the transmission.

Transmissions come in a wide range of "gears or speeds"; from the older 2 speed power glides to today's 8 speed overdrives. In addition we now have "CVT" or constant velocity transmission. This is a basically a one speed transmission that has no shift, Most of These transmissions however are not made to be rebuilt at this time. There are a few models that can be repaired or rebuilt, depending on type of repairs needed.

The cost of repairs varies widely, depending on type of repair. Your vehicle may only require an external minor repair, while some may require an overhaul (rebuilt). Cost factors to consider on major rebuild are type of transmission, rear wheel drive, overdrive, all wheel drive and four by four, which is having a transfer case component to "transfer" motion to all four wheels.

In addition to the types of transmissions, you have variations of manufacturers. You may own an American name brand but have a drive train (transmission) that is also installed in foreign brand names or vice versa, where your Toyota may have a transmission from General motors, Your Chevrolet Equinox may have the same transmission installed in a Volvo or Saab.

Electronic controlled transmissions work on the same principal, but may have different components, where one type may have a few simple solenoids or sensors, others may also have a TCM (transmission control module) or may also depend on PCM (power control module) in addition to the sensors and solenoids. These are all connected by a harness, which, over time may become brittle, rub up against another component and in some rural areas, rodents can enter a warm vehicle or nest in them after they decide to chew on the wiring creating a short.

The modules, just like your computer at home, may also require to be "flashed" or update to have the most current software available to correct certain conditions. The Transmission Shop takes pride in our work and our ability to properly diagnose your vehicles needs so that you do not over spend or get charged for something that is not needed. Our warranties back up what we say and do.

We offer complete Drive Train Service on Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmissions, Transfer Case, Clutch Assemblies and Clutch Hydraulics, Axles and Differentials, as well as Fluid and Filter maintenance service.

Call or stop in today at any of our three convenient locations and give us the opportunity to service your needs.