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Transmission Repair Lewisville Tx by Transmission Experts at The Transmission Shop


Searching for a Lewisville area Transmission Repair Shop?

If you are in Lewisville Tx and need your car checked out, be sure to pay us a visit. We do free external checks of your transmission and our quality service starts with your first contact with us, whether you call us or come in to talk to us in person. Usually we are able to check out your car when you come in, with no appointment needed, and do it while you wait at our Lewisville TX transmission repair. We start with the very basics for transmission checking but taking a look at the fluid level. We also will visually check the external connections of your transmission, doing a "wiggle test" and also checking out the fan clutch. We do a road test and listen to the transmission as it shifts, such as it it shifting late or soft or harsh. We listen for any slipping, or noise vibrations or if it might be an engine problem rather than a transmission issue.

Next we hook up your car to our computers to do a computer scan. This will help determine if it is a minor fix, which might be possible if your transmission is one of those that have solenoids and sensors that are external. We look for leaks of transmission fluid and also check to make sure everything is properly connected or if there might be a problem because of corrosion. We put your car up on a lift so that we can check the drive line, drive shaft, axles, u-joints plus the mounts for the engine and transmission. We will even check out the tires on certain vehicles which have a history of having transfer case problems because the tires are not inflated properly, the wrong size or tire or one tire is showing more wear than the others.

There are some engine problems which effect the transmission. Some examples are throttle position sensor or problems with catalytic converters, fuel filters, or air filters or simply an engine that is performing poorly because it is in need of a tune up. Even a failure in the cooling system can cause what appears to be a transmission problem.

After doing all the diagnostic tests, we look at all of the information and use that to decide what to do next which, in quite a few cases is either a simple transmission repair or, you could be told that it is not a problem with your transmission at all.

If the problem turns out to be what we describe as an internal transmission problem, which means that we are not able to fix anything on the outside. At that time, we need to do an inspection of the internal components of your transmission. We remove the transmission and do a much more detailed check of the components which include removing the flywheel and checking the rear oil seal, looking at the universal joints, carrier bears, and the differential pion seal.

Once the transmission is taken apart, all of the parts are check for wear and tear and for broken parts. We look for normal wear and tear or perhaps the problem caused by something else such as an electronic part which overheated. Or maybe the problem was caused by something that was hit on the road and kicked onto/into the transmission.  We look at the whole transmission to determine your problem, because unless we know what is really wrong with it, we cannot repair it or rebuild your transmission properly.

Finally, we ask for your authorization to do the repairs. At that point we take all of the transmission components and clean them thoroughly and check them again. When we rebuild a transmission we use only new parts. If the manufacturer has released new updates for that transmission, we rebuilt it to the new specifications.

When we are ready to reinstall your transmission, we hot flush the cooler to make sure it does not have any contaminants that could travel back into your transmission. This makes sure that if there is any debris in the cooler, it will not flow back into your transmission and cause problems again. Finally, the proper fluid is used to fill the transmission, making sure the right weight is used for your specific transmission.

The car is taken out for two road tests. The first is by the technician who reinstalled the transmission. The second test is by the technician who actually rebuilt the transmission or another technician, making sure that the rebuilt unit works properly. The car is then put up onto the lift again to make sure there are no leaks and a visual quality check is done of all the bolts and brackets. We make sure the job is done right, taking pride in our work and backing it with our warranty.

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