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Transmission Repair Garland Tx by Transmission Experts at The Transmission Shop


Searching for a Garland area Transmission Repair Shop?

We are proud to offer FREE basic vehicle check up.  This package includes checking your transmission fluids, performing a complete visual transmission inspection, conducting an external connections "wiggle" check on all exposed connections and check the fan clutch operation.   At our Garland Tx transmission repair location, we perform extensive and detailed road tests to check transmission shifting and shift quality.  We observe and report if we find your transmission shifts late, harsh, soft, flaring or does not shift at all.  We thoroughly check  and report if we find your vehicle displays signs of slipping, noise, or unexplained vibrations. We also check to see if existing problems are engine related.

Our technicians perform a comprehensive electronic computer vehicle scan. The computer scan assesses if a minor repair needed.  Some transmission models have problems with solenoids and external sensors.  

We also perform vehicle lifts to check for leaks.  Technicians check for intact external connection and inspect for signs of corrosion.  We visually inspect the axles, drive line, u-joints, transmission and engine mounts.  On specific four by vehicles, we will perform a tire condition check.  Certain Ford vehicle models will experience some transfer case problems with the improperly inflated tires.  Wrong sized tires or unevenly worn tires may also cause problems.  If larger sized tires and Pinions factors that are not reset to correctly match with the internal computer, this can contribute to transfer case or transmission problems.

There are several engine related problems that can affect your transmission. Common problems include: TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), fuel filters or  restricted catalytic converters. Other common engine related problems stem from air filters, infrequent tune ups and cooling system failure.  

Gathering all the reported information, our technicians will recommend necessary steps to improve your vehicle’s performance.  In most minor cases, a simple transmission repair is required.  You will be informed if your vehicle problems are not transmission related.  

Sometimes, we will find an “internal” transmission problem.  This means repair work performed outside the transmission is unable to alleviate the specific problem.  We will recommend our technicians to perform an internal transmission inspection. This process requires transmission removal and in depth component checks.  We will remove and check the flywheel. We will check for leaks from the engine’s rear main oil seal. We will also check your universal joints on the carrier bearing, drive shaft, differential pinion seal and the bearing.

When the transmission is dismantled, all internal components will be carefully inspected for signs of wear and tear.  We will inspect any broken parts and correctly determine the original problem.  We will look for problems such as normal wear and any electronic component problems. We also look for problems stemming from overheating or possible cooler restriction flow. When determining the unique cause of the transmission's problem, many individual factors are considered when determining how to correct the problem. When the problem is positively identified, then proper repair/rebuilding can begin. Correct transmission repair/rebuilding will prevent the specific problem from reoccurring.

After obtaining repair authorization, the transmission case and all of its components are thoroughly cleaned. They are also rechecked again by our qualified technicians.  In the rebuilding process, we will use brand new parts in your vehicle's rebuilt transmission. If updates for your transmission have been recently issued, we will ensure the transmission is rebuilt to include the latest specs available for optimal performance.  

Before your transmission can be installed, the cooler is cleaned by using a hot flush method. The cooler is a part that actually cools your transmission. Hot flushing removes any unwanted contaminants which can enter into your transmission. This hot flushing process will eliminate the chance of any debris remaining being deposited into your cooler. This necessary step does not negatively affect your quality rebuilt transmission.

After transmission installation is completed, essential fluids are added for your particular vehicle to facilitate proper operation. Next, your vehicle is driven for two final road tests to make sure your transmission is running smoothly. The first road test is performed by one of the technician who installed your transmission. The second road test is performed by either the transmission rebuilder technician or a second technician who checks for proper transmission operation. After completing the two road checks, your vehicle is thoroughly inspected again. For quality assurance, the vehicle is raised as our technician checks for leaks, visually inspects to ensure all bolts and necessary brackets have been properly secured and installed correctly. Our warranty backs our work. In Garland, TX, we take pride in our automotive care.

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