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Transmission Repair Plano Tx by Transmission Experts at The Transmission Shop

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When a vehicle is brought into our Plano TX business for an external check for the transmission, it is free. The check begins as soon as we are made aware of the vehicle. An appointment is not required because we are able to make the checks while the customer waits.

The free service begins with the basic steps like making a check of the transmission fluid and the condition of it. The exterior connections on it are wiggled and visually inspected. The clutch on the fan is also inspected. The vehicle will be taken on the road for a driving test to examine how the vehicle shifts from gear to gear and if it does it in good time. It will be noted if the gears slip, make unusual noises or vibrations. It may also make noises that sound harsh or quiet. We will also determine if the noises are actually coming from the engine rather than the transmission.

A computer scan will be made on the vehicle to see if that will help determine what the problem is or to see if it will give an indication that the repair will be minor. Some vehicles have solenoids and sensors on the outer the transmission and they are inexpensive to repair.

The vehicle will be elevated on a lift so that leaks can be found. External connections will be checked to be sure they are not corroded. The drive lines, axles and u-joints will be inspected. All of the mounts and tires will be inspected. Cars will be looked at on a brand by brand basis. For instance, some Ford vehicles have problems with the transfer case near the tires if they are an improper fit. If the size of the tires has been changed, the vehicle's computer needs to be told so and this will also be checked.

The Throttle Position Sensor can effect a transmission as can a dirty fuel or air filter. A car in need of a tune up will also effect its performance. Some problems that can be caused by dirty filters are cooling system difficulties and an engine that does not perform well.

All of the information that is taken from the inspection at our Plano TX transmission repair shop and determine how the vehicle should be handled. It may be just a minor repair in order or the news may be that it is not the transmission causing the problem.

If the problem can not be found on the outside, there is a good chance there is an internal problem to be found in the transmission, so an internal inspecion is recommended. This means that the transmission must be taken off of the vehicle and each of its parts removed and looked at. We will look for wear and determine if it is normal or if it has been caused by overheating or a bad component. It is possible that the vehicle came into contact with something on the road that caused some damage. The seals will be checked for leaks and the joints and bearings will also be checked. The checks will be very thourough because if the true problem is not found and repaired, the problem will continually occur.

Once we have been given the go-ahead to make the repairs in our Plano TX transmission repair shop, the transmission will be thouroughly inspected once again after the parts have been cleaned. The parts used when we rebuild a transmission are new and we also make any updates that are recommended for that model.

The part that keeps the transmission cool, known as the Cooler, is flushed with hot fluid to be sure that there are no contaminants left to invade the rebuilt transmission. Once the transmission is put back into place, it is refilled with the fluid it requires. Not all transmissions take the same fluid so it is important to be sure the right one is used if it is to operate properly.

We take the vehicle for two test drives or more after the transmission is put back in place. The person who put the transmission back into the vehicle takes it for one ride and the second trip is made by the person who rebuilt it. The car is lifted one final time after these road trips to be sure that no leaks were sprung and that no bolts or brackets came loose and are still holding firm. Here at our Plano TX shop we take a great amount of pride in our work and our warranty proves it.

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